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About me,
Lynne James.

I have a huge passion for helping and supporting women and men, and over the past 20+ years, I have coached and mentored many people.

That has led me on a path to becoming a McKenzie Friend and I have a passion for helping both men and women through the challenges of divorce with practical, hands-on guidance though the Family Court process, mediation or private settlements, together with essential emotional support, saving thousands of pounds in legal costs.

Personally, I know how stressful divorce can be. The difference for me is that I am an accredited life coach and, having coached women and men in business for over 20 years, it gave me the ‘tools’ to use on myself to help me through that horrible time, and I use those ‘tools’ to help my clients through what is one of the most challenging things a person can experience.

In addition to offering ‘how to’ advice and support with confusing forms and statements, and the often scary Family Court system, I offer specific and individually tailored caring support to navigate the different procedures and overcome the overwhelm all these challenges can create.

I offer support with all aspects of Divorce.


I support my clients with all situations regarding reaching financial settlement, whether it be by personal discussions with the other party, through mediation or the Family Court. I offer support during negotiation, with completing forms and statements and guidance through the different procedures.


If you are seeking to settle Finances and / or Child Arrangements through mediation, I support my clients in the background during negotiations, help with the completing of forms and offer much often needed emotional support.

Child Arrangements

Whether you are the parent seeking more formal Child Arrangements, or the parent responding to such a request, I support my clients through mediation and the Family Court. I help my clients interact with CAFCASS (the social services arm of the Family Court), the completing of forms and statements, as well as the emotional support needed during these procedures.

Personal Negotiations

Some couples are able to negotiate Finances and / or Child Arrangements without the need for mediation or Family Court. I support my clients in the background with suggesting what information should be requested to reach agreement and making suggestions on fair and reasonable outcomes.

Client Reviews

"Lynne James has been a great support at a very difficult time in my life. I engaged with Lynne after my finances ran low having spent so much on legal fees. She helped me find an alternative way through. My divorce, although straightforward enough was hindered by a difficult ex partner. The longevity in itself was a huge strain.

Always personable and approachable, Lynne was a strength throughout, her knowledge was excellent, often picking things up that I could have missed if I were doing it all alone. The process can be daunting especially court dates, but with Lynne by my side, I managed to achieve a very good outcome. I would highly recommend her."
Gail W.
"I would like to say a very massive thank you to my amazing McKenzie Friend, Lynne James. Without Lynne I would not have been able to keep on fighting against my annoying ex.

I was a Litigant in Person during my Financial Remedy case, which started in May 2021 and after four Court hearings for which my ex did not, once, provide the correct paperwork, it finally ended in December 2022.

Whenever I felt down Lynne was always on the end of the phone to boost my confidence, and to tell me I was strong enough to fight the case.

I had to two online Court appearances with Lynne, and with Lynne’s help and support with the preparation, I attended Court in person on my own twice, and I got a great result and received 44.50% of his pension.

The amount Lynne charged me over 19 months and for supporting me through four Court hearings was just £1,500. If I’d engaged a solicitor, I know it would have been £10,000 at least.

Lynne is very knowledgeable, and I can’t possibly thank her enough"
Jan M.
"What can I say. You will never get the same support from a solicitor!

The emotional support and strength that Lynne gave me was out of this world. I would never, as a victim of domestic abuse, have had the strength to represent myself in three hearings whist my ex-husband had a barrister represent him at all three, without the support of Lynne.

Lynne was able to give me up to date information about the case. She meticulously helped me scrutinise all the evidence, discrepancies, and paperwork that I had to go through.

I wouldn’t have been able to get through the case without Lynne and the emotional support she gave me. Having the professional support AND emotional support is something that I never thought I would be able to get. The endless cups of tea and biscuits and cuddles from Daisy (Lynne’s dog) were a great help!

Not only did Lynne help me "get the job done" but she made me believe in myself. During the very many moments when it was hard and I was upset and ready to give up, she was there offering support and encouragement.

On top of all that, she helped me achieve an amazing financial outcome; I walked away with 60% more than my ex-husband offered in his proposal!

Thank you, Lynne, not only have I finally escaped an abuse marriage/divorce. I can move on and have made a friend for life."
Becky W.
Lynne has been extremely supportive during what has been a very difficult two-year child arrangements case between me and my ex-wife. Not only has she been very effective in helping me moderate and remove the emotion from my written submissions to court, but she has also helped draft and prepare position statements, a Scott Schedule and various other key evidential documents.

Lynne has helped me untangle convoluted legal diction and better understand the nuance and weigh up likely outcomes at each stage of the case.

As a Litigant in Person, it was a great comfort to have Lynne with me during one of the in-person- hearings.

Lynne has advised and counselled me – often at short notice and whilst under work pressure - at a fraction of the cost of a solicitor and will no doubt be invaluable when my divorce proceedings progress.

I have no hesitation in recommending Lynne as a Mckenzie Friend.
James S.

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